Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is a common cause of vestibular dysfunction that can cause bouts of a ‘spinning’ sensation caused by a change in head position relative to gravity.

This might include rolling over in bed, getting in or out of bed or quick head movements. Usually these bouts last less than one minute until the displaced calcium carbonate crystals, called otoconia, in the inner ear resettle once the movement has stopped.

You may also experience a more prolonged feeling of nausea, lightheadedness or disturbance of your balance.

As these crystals are displaced from the utricle, one of the sensory organs in the inner ear, and have moved into one of the semicircular canals, we are able to use specific manoeuvres to relocate them. The manoeuvre used will depend which canal the crystals are found in.

Particle Repositioning Maneuvers are used along with our diagnostic equipment to allow gravity to move these crystals back onto the sensory organ where they belong, where they will no longer cause symptoms.

Following treatment you will be given specific instructions to follow to give the crystals the best chance of remaining where they belong.

Walking around and remaining upright will assist the crystals to bed down and settle with the other crystals. It is not unusual to feel an increase in nausea, unsteadiness or lightheadedness in the 48 hours after treatment but this should settle. Occasionally more than one treatment may be required if symptoms persist or recur. Review 1 week after treatment is suggested to confirm that the crystals remain on the utricle. Your balance will also be assessed in this follow up session.

You should not attempt to self treat these conditions.  It is easy to aggravate your symptoms by using the wrong exercise or treatment.

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Alison Underwood

Alison Underwood

Vestibular Physiotherapist
Alison Underwood
Vestibular Physiotherapist
Alison has over 20 years of physiotherapy experience in sports, pilates pre and post natal and community based physiotherapy.  In recent years Alison has undergone specialised post graduate training in vestibular physiotherapy and has joined with us at DMP specialising in balance, vertigo, dizziness and imbalance.
Alison will perform a detailed assessment to determine which part of your vestibular system is not functioning.  To enable most accurate diagnosis you will be assessed with infrared video googles and force platform as part of your examination.
So if any of these symptoms are disrupting your life, put up with them no longer, relief may only be a treatment away.
In her spare time, Alison enjoys being outdoors and can usually be found cycling, kyaking, canyoning, slacklining or on a multi day hike with her family or friends.
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