What is it?

A series of sports specific assessments and tests, designed to uncover the potential risk for injury.

These results are then used to formulate an individualised plan to reduce the potential risk of injury, as well as to generally improve sports performance. 

What do we look at?

  • General Strength required for the demands of your sport
  • Force measurements for muscle strength for muscle groups that typically cause injury in your specific sport
  • Functional movement Patterning required for sport specific tasks
  • Joint Mobility, range of motion, muscle length, Flexibility required for your support
  • Muscle coordination and timing required to perform sport specific tasks
  • Running gait assessment
  • Core stability
  • Assess and review any previous injuries or aches and pains that may be contributing to current injury risk or performance

What we do with your results:

  • All screenings involve an individualised, personal plan on how we can reduce your injury risk, and improve your performance.  This will include the below components:
    1. Targeted Exercise program involving sports specific and individualised strength and conditioning, and mobility exercises.
    2. Task specific technique and motor coordination exercises.
    3. Running gait analysis and technique training.
  • All results are measured and recorded in a way they can be repeated, so we can measure your improvement.