Fit 4 Life Exercise and Health Programs


Fit 4 Life exercise programs are ideal for seniors, and those needing some expert guidance with their exercise due to individual health needs, chronic disease, weight management, injury management.

Although exercise may be performed in a group setting, programs performed are individualised to each individual based on their specific health needs.

What Do Our Fit 4 Life Programs Involve?

  • An initial assessment, performed by our highly qualified Exercise Physiologists
  • An Individualised exercise program will be created for you based on your initial assessment findings and specific Health Needs.
  • Our exercise Physiologists will take you through your gym program one on one initially. We will then supervise and monitor you as you perform your individual exercise program within our gym.
  • Our Exercise Physiologist will perform monthly re-assessments to ensue your program is regularly updated, the appropriate exercise is being performed correctly, and your health goals are being achieved.
  • Programs run on a monthly roll over, allowing you to attend as many times a week as you wish during the month.
  • There is a wide variety of times available to attend make the program so easily accessible and flexible for anyone and everyone.

Call us now For more information, or to book an initial assessment and start our programs. (02) 977 1997

See the Fit 4 Life timetable page to see all the times available to attend our fit for life program.