Fit 4 Life Exercise and Health Programs


Our Fit-4-Life exercise option is ideal for seniors, and those needing some expert guidance with their exercise due to individual health needs, chronic disease, weight management, or injury management.

The Fit 4 Life Program may suit those who are after more than what a home program can offer, however need a bit more help than just having an independent gym program. Therefore allowing you to have an individualised program based on individual needs.

What Do Our Fit 4 Life Programs Involve?

  • An initial assessment, performed by our highly qualified Exercise Physiologists
  • An Individualised exercise program will be created for you based on your initial assessment findings and specific Health Needs.
  • Our exercise Physiologists will take you through your gym program one on one initially. You then have the option of attending the clinic during supervised or unsupervised times.
  • Our Exercise Physiologist will perform regular re-assessments to keep your program current, ensure the exercises are being performed correctly, and that your health goals are being achieved.
  • The monthly fee covers the use of our clinic equipment, supervision, and program updates
  • Pay by the month, with no lock-in contracts

Click the link below to see our Fit 4 Life timetable or call us now for more information, or to book an initial assessment and start our programs. (02) 977 1997

Fit 4 Life Timetable