Fit 4 Life


Fit 4 Life Class Outline

Fit 4 Life – Minimal supervision gym based exercise carried out within our gym. Participants carry out their individual exercise programs, within a group setting. Exercise performed is prescribed by our specialist Exercise Physiologists, based on your initial assessment results and individual health needs. Monthly re-assessments are then carried out by our exercise physiologists to ensure your exercise goals are being met, and your sessions continue to be fun and enjoyable. Sessions are 30-60 minutes and monitored by our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists.

Fit 4 Life Assessment – Health and fitness assessments carried out by our exercise physiologists prior to starting our fit for life programs. This information is used to design your individual exercise program you will carry out within the gym. Re-assessments are then done monthly to update your program.

Fit 4 Life Timetable