Have you had a fall recently?


If you have, it may be a good time to book in a health and fitness check with an Exercise Physiologist. They will help to assess which component of your balance system may be affected the most. This will help to identify the best exercise treatment for you specifically to get the most out of your time in the clinic. 


Balance itself can be broken down into several different parts which all have an impact on your ability to reduce the risk of falling or save yourself from falling.


The first is in relation to your ability to detect where your limbs and body is within space. This is known as your proprioception and spatial awareness. This works with the sensing of your whole body as to whether your are sitting, lying, standing, or running. The body works simultaneously between the middle ear and the sensory system of your limbs to make minor corrections to keep you in your desired position. This may be effected if you haven’t used it in a long time or you may have a medical condition hindering the efficieny of this system.


The second is in relation to your strength and your bodies ability to correct yourself when falling or about to fall. If you haven’t been participating in regular physical activity this may be effected, and your risk of falling may be higher than you think. 


The third is in relation to the speed your body reacts to the change in body position when falling, as well as your bodies ability to move your limbs quickly. This is known as your power system, the faster you are able to react and correct your body position the better your balance will be. This is where most people forget to train their balance and could help you reduce your risk of falls.


If you feel you have seen a reduction in any of the 3 components of balance it is best to get on top of it as quickly as possible. This is due to recent research showing statistics of (%) falling can reduce your age expectancy by 5-10years?


To ensure safety and the most appropriate exercises for you it is advised to be under supervision by an Exercise Physiologist or other allied health practitioner. This can be either in a 1 on 1 session, or as apart of our Seniors Exercise Classes at the Asquith, Galston, and Berowra clinics. 


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