Exercise Physiology


Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists are university trained exercise and movement specialists.
They use movement as medicine to treat a vide variety of chronic and acute health conditions.

Our exercise Physiologists are extremely experienced and well qualified
to help you manage your health needs through appropriate exercise therapy.

You may be eligible for free exercise therapy via Medicare and DVA benefits.
Health fund rebates may also be available.
No referral is needed for private sessions.

Exercise therapy involves:

  • Individual health and fitness assessment
  • Individual exercise program tailored to your personal health needs based on your assessment
  • One-on-one personal exercise sessions working on your clinical needs

Exercise physiology may help you improve:

  • Strength
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Exercise technique
  • Posture
  • Weight loss, weight management, body composition
  • Mobility and balance

Exercise physiology is suitable for those with:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Rehabilitation post surgery
  • No exercise experience

Services offered by our Exercise Physiologists include:

  • Individualised one-on-one exercise programs
  • Health checks
  • Group exercise classes

Move with a mate:
Our experienced exercise physiologist will lead you and a friend through a personalised exercise session tailored to your health needs, injuries and movement dysfunctions.

Be smart, move well!

Mitchel Van Noort

Mitchel Van Noort

Exercise Physiologist
Mitchel Van Noort
Exercise Physiologist

Mitch has completed 5 years total study at ACU, finishing most recently his Masters of Exercise Physiology. His background in sports such as CrossFit, Rugby, Touch football, and Athletics aids him to provide sports specific return to play rehabilitation. Also his prior experience with chronic disease clientele shows Mitch is capable of providing the best service for all clientele.


Mitch aims to empower and bring the best out in his clients  through individualised and targeted exercise treatment through one on one consultations and group exercise class settings.


You can find Mitch in his spare time at the gym competing in olympic weightlifting or out at the beach going for a swim or surf.


Alex Bate

Alex Bate

Exercise Physiologist
Alex Bate
Exercise Physiologist
Having been a resident of the Hornsby area for over 20 years, Alex has spent much of his time in private practice, striving to improve the health of the Hornsby and surrounding community thorough exercise.

Alex has vast experience treating war veterans and providing safe and effective exercise to people with a wide range of needs and physical abilities.

He has a particular interest in strength and conditioning, Improving the health of people with chronic disease and pain, as well as treating lower back pain and improving core strength.

Before becoming an Exercise Physiologist, Alex worked in retail pharmacy, where he expanded his knowledge of medications and over-the-counter supplements.

During his time off, Alex is often still at the gym lifting weights, or navigating one of Sydney’s mountain bike trails.

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