Dietetics and Nutrition


Every day you can see people who display evidence of malnutrition- inappropriate consumption of a nutrients, leading to visible consequences such as carrying excess weight, raised cholesterol or blood pressure, diabetes, infected sores that will not heal or people who are constantly unwell.

Our body can only work with the fuel that we provide through foods & fluids. Yet we are constantly bombarded with so much nutrition information it is hard to determine what our body needs versus what is just marketing smoke & mirrors.

Our Dietitian works with you to determine what your body actually needs and then determines the best way for you to achieve your nutritional requirements. Every person is different, depending on their age, gender, activity, family and lifestyle. All of this information is considered when developing the health & wellbeing solution for you.

How Can Seeing a Dietitian Help You?
Our Dietitian, Georgie is passionate about good health, particularly preventative health. She works with people from all walks of life to create new dietary & lifestyle habits that fit in with their lifestyles and ensure better health into the future.

She is an excellent resource for:

  • Obtaining detailed dietary advice for those people who are not overweight but just aren’t sure about what to eat and when to eat it.
  • Helping those who need to lose weight.
  • Working with people who have lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and raised blood pressure to help keep those conditions under control.
  • Giving parents some dietary ideas if they are dealing with children who are fussy eaters.