Are you experiencing the after effects following covid lockdown? Feel like you have put on ‘covid kilos’, feeling unfit, lack motivation or getting aches and pains trying to return to the physical activities you use to do? Well you’re not alone!

These last 2 years has been a tough time for a lot of us in the community. During lockdown, the routine and activities that kept us moving towards a healthier lifestyle was restricted like going into work, socialising in the lunch breaks, sporting activities, going out with friends and family, community activities. These all contributed to decrease incidental and planned activities that help maintain our physical wellbeing.

At times, some people may have been able to find alternatives and adapt to the situation through online classes, videos, home workouts with friends that helped to maintain their physical, social and mental health. Long term it can be challenging to maintain consistency, motivation, variation of routines and part of human nature we also miss meeting people in person.

However, with lockdown easing and the new year in sight we all want to achieve those new years resolutions! This might be wanting to lose the ‘covid kilos’, working towards running goal, improve sporting performance, improving fitness to return to previous activities or having a daily physical activity goal. Whatever our goal is there are different factors we need to identify. What do I enjoy? How much time am I willing to commit? What strategies can help keep me motivated for me to be consistent? DMP offer a variety of group classes or independent programs that can help you work towards your new years resolution for 2022.

Group classes allow us to participate with friends, meet new people, motivate each other and makes us accountable having committed to a day and time in the week for ourselves. In regards to our physical health it helps to build our strength, balance, posture, function, reduce risk of chronic conditions and risk of falls. At DMP our group classes involve assessment which identifies what areas to target to work towards your goals and also monitor your progress. The assessments and classes are run by our exercise physiologists or physiotherapists who will share their knowledge and skills to guide you towards your goals.

For those who may be thinking, a group environment is not quite my cup of tea… Well, DMP has your back! We also have the Fit4Life Program or Rehab In Motion Program that enables you to use the exercise equipment and complete your individualised exercise program created by one of our exercise physiologists or physiotherapists.

So now is your chance to take the next step towards making your new years resolutions come true! Give us a call to find out more about these offers and how DMP can help you become the healthiest version of yourself in the new year and beyond.

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